Mirka and Aamir

How We Met

It happened in the office in the Netherlands. I was at work, picking up my coffee and rushing for the next meeting. While I was waiting for my colleague who, at the end never showed up, Aamir saw his moment to finally introduce himself. From that day onwards, we always found a reason to meet and chat :)

How They Asked

Aamir was planning it for May as he told me, but because of lockdown, he decided to wait a bit longer. It happened in Place des Vosges which is a beautiful old square in Paris 3rd arrondissement, not far from where we live. It’s our special place where we chill during warm weekends, have picnics, go for a run, or just sit on the grass with some ice cream. That day we had planned a photoshoot with Alex from Février Photography. I wanted to have memorable pictures of us living in Paris. It was as early as 7 am and we were walking together hand in hand towards one of the fountains in the park. Then he stopped and pulled me towards him, he holds both of my hands in his and had the most romantic speech I heard. Of course, I cried and at that moment he kneel down and asked me to marry him to which I said YES!!!


Special Thanks

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