Mirijana and Shane

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How We Met

We first met the beginning of 2013. It was at a friend’s party that I first saw Shane. I thought he was absolutely gorgeous, we made eye contact and flirtatious looks across the room at one another (or so I thought), but had left the party without talking. I thought I’d missed my opportunity and that I would never see him again. It was a few weeks later (14-03-13) that I ran into him at our local nightclub. During the night, I saw Shane walking across the dancefloor and was still absolutely taken aback by him. He was tall and handsome as heck, so I decided that this was my opportunity to finally approach him. I stopped him in his tracks and asked if he had been to that party, he then looked at me with a blank look, perplexed as to who I was (that’s when I knew the eye contact across the room really wasn’t at me – but at the wall behind me :p or clearly a figment of my imagination). Although he didn’t know who I was, there was an instant connection that we had both felt in that moment, so we introduced ourselves to each other, danced the night away and as they say, the rest is history. We have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Shane surprised me on my 25th birthday. The morning of my birthday, we got up, I was told to put on a nice dress, as there was a surprise organised for my birthday. We got in the car and set off to our destination. Where we lived it was pouring down with rain, about twenty minutes into our drive, the weather was beginning to clear; the sun was coming out and the blue skies emerging. I sat in the passenger seat, anxiously trying to guess where we were going. I am a big lover of birthdays and believe that everyone should be celebrated on theirs, and I knew Shane had nothing short of amazing planned for me. We eventually arrived at Whale Beach, where we walked up to a little park to the side of the beach. As we approached the park, I noticed there was an incredible picnic set up with sunflowers everywhere (my absolute favourite) it was breathtaking. Shane grabbed my hands and asked me to spend forever with him, of course I said yes. Along with the rest of the surprise, Shane had organised a photographer to hide in the bush to capture the moment. We then enjoyed a picnic of all my favourite things – cheese and strawberries, whilst surrounded by sunflowers and situated by the beach. That evening, we had an exquisite meal at Jonah’s. Shane had also organised a place for us to stay and enjoy our mini weekend away. A moment I will forever cherish.

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Special Thanks

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my proposal co.
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captured by kirri
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