Miriam and Remon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At a restaurant outlooking NYC

How We Met

Ray and I met a few years back at an event with mutual friends and never kept in touch afterward. Two years later, he found his way into my life. Ray brought so much peace and light into my life and I was there to support and encourage his every milestone and accomplishment. At the start, we both gave each other so much space and freedom to find ourselves out of a dark time. knowing that with all the freedom to do and be what we wanted, we still chose to be together, meant this guy was sticking around for a long time. Ray reminds me of home, he reminds me that there’s always somewhere safe to go if the world turned gray. He always says “we’re one team, I’ll always have your back”. For me, he’s nothing like I’m used to and everything that I never thought I needed.

How They Asked

On June 6, 2019, Ray took me on a “date”, with the whole city behind us, got on one knee and asked me to be his forever. Naturally, I said “what. Are. You. Doing?” about three rapid times before I cried out “yes!”. It’s safe to say, my appetite flew out the window after that. Nonetheless, I am the one who ate all the food. It’s that simple, Just a Brooklyn girl and a jersey boy-scratch that! Just two Syrian kids in love.

Miriam's Proposal in At a restaurant outlooking NYC