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As personal trainers on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, my boyfriend Andrew and I are certainly no strangers to weddings and all things bridal. We spend much of our days helping future brides and grooms get in shape for their big days. So, naturally, after 5 years together, we were often asked when OURS was coming. As far as I knew, we were taking our time and waiting- that’s what I told everyone and that’s what I thoroughly believed. So I thought… For a year, we had been planning our big Euro Trip. Both lovers of travel, we decided we wanted to take two and half weeks to really be able to explore and see as much as possible. Our itinerary was planned- 4 countries, 6 cities. We planned to start in one of my favorite places in the world, the beautiful coastal city of Barcelona, Spain. Before we jetted off, we received a great deal of very enthusiastic wishes for our safe travels. I thought nothing of it- just that everyone was really excited for us and our long awaited trip. Little did I know, they were all in on a secret I knew NOTHING about!

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We had the best first day and night in Barcelona- hitting up the beach, eating tapas, drinking sangria. A few weeks before we’d left, Andrew had told me he’d secured a reservation at this really cool restaurant called Torre d’alta Mar- at the top of a tall tower with incredible views of the Mediterranean- for our second night. I was prepared for a nice dinner that evening, so we got ready and he suggested we stop at the beach for a drink since we had time. I gladly agreed and we headed towards the water. When we got there, he mentioned how perfect the lighting was and asked if we could stop and take some photos. I’d recently purchased a D-SLR camera and was eager to get as many great pictures on the trip as possible, so I was happy to go along with it. He started snapping some photos of me at the waters edge and encouraged me to look off in the distance.

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All of a sudden, I turned back and there he was, down on one knee! I pretty much blacked out from shock- I had absolutely NO idea this was coming. Before I knew it, he was proposing and lucky for us, he’d hired a wonderful photographer from the company Flytographer to catch the whole thing!

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Once I realized this was for real and I had the ring on my finger, Natalia, our photographer came over to introduce herself. She’d been corresponding with Andrew for almost a month planning the proposal to a T! She took us around the city to get some more photos and capture us in the glow of the moment. Once she left, we facetimed our families, who were anxiously awaiting the call (everyone knew!) and headed to dinner.

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As we went up in the elevator to dinner, Andrew pointed out the glass windows and told me there was one more surprise. He informed me I’d have to pack up my stuff from the Air B+B we were staying in, since we’d be moving to the W Hotel for the evening. I couldn’t believe it- just that morning I’d been gazing at the beautiful hotel saying I wanted to stay there! Little did I know, he’d booked it weeks ago for us! We had an incredible 9 course dinner and drinks before grabbing our stuff and heading to the hotel, where we were greeted with champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, and rose petals covering the bed.

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I couldn’t have dreamed of a more magical evening. The best part? We had 15 more days of celebration after that- spanning Spain, France, Italy, and Switzerland! Our trip was the absolute perfect way to enjoy the beginnings of our engagement and start daydreaming about our wedding and future together.

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The morning we arrived back in New York, there was one final surprise. Andrew told me we were meeting my parents at brunch to celebrate- and when we arrived, we were greeting to a surprise party of our closest friends and family, some of whom had flown from across to country to share in the celebration! The cherry on top of an unbelievable two weeks was getting to share it with the people we love most.

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