Miriam and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met through my cousin, Jonathan, who Adam grew up with. We struck up an email correspondence (we were long distance from the beginning), and after 50+ novel-length emails, and many trips between Minneapolis and Portland, I moved to the west coast to be with him.

How They Asked

Adam and I were on a week long getaway to a family friend’s house in the San Juan Islands. We spent our days working remotely, but also hiking, kayaking, whale-watching, and cooking. We discovered we needed to leave our trip early, unfortunately, due to internet connection issues interfering with my work, and Adam was…bummed, to say the least. I got frustrated with his attitude (having no idea he was bummed because he was planning to propose), and we went out for one last hike before catching a ferry home. We powerwalked uphill for about an hour in silence, both quietly stewing in our own frustration. At the top, we caught our breath, sat on a rock, took in the view, and talked it out, learning from each other how we could have handled the situation differently, how we were mostly just sad that we had to leave early, but both felt it had been a wonderful getaway. On the way down, we stopped at another stunning view, and Adam set up a camera to take a picture of us– but he was taking a video! After it happened, I felt so badly that we had spent so much of the hike not talking to each other! But isn’t that the beauty of real, deep love? It’s not always perfect. But it’s (at least in our case) always about working through those moments with kindness and care.

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