Miriah and Hunter

How We Met

We met my freshman year of college at Utah State University. He was a Resident Assistant over Area Council and I was in Area Council. We became friends and started dating shortly after that, but I decided to serve an 18 month mission for my church. So at the end of the school year, I left to North Carolina to serve for my church. As a missionary, I couldn’t text, call, skype, or facebook anyone outside of those I was serving. I could email or write letters to my friends in other cities though. So for 18 months we wrote letters and emails every week. He waited for me for 18 months and when I got home, he was at the airport (totally a surprise to me!). Over the next couple months, our relationship progressed, but it was long distance, because I was at school in Logan and he lived in St George.

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how they asked

Our relationship had been long distance for about 4 months at this point. One weekend he came up to the University to visit me, I had a jam-packed weekend full of things for us to do. However, something didn’t work out on Saturday morning and he suggested we go get some doughnuts and eat them at the amphitheater on campus. (Back story — the amphitheater is where he first kissed me and where he first told me he loved me [month between them of course]. So we went to the amphitheater and ate out doughnuts. About 30 minutes before a meeting I had to get to, we start to get up to leave. As we’re leaving, Hunter says he has a present for me. So I stop and he starts handing me these paper flowers he has made. In the center of each one of them he wrote something he loved about me, like my eyes, my laugh, when we cook together, etc. In the last one he gave me, it said “When you say Yes” I was confused at first, but then I looked up and he was on one knee, asking me to marry him :) And I said YES! :)

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