Mireille and Elie

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney, Australia

How We Met

Elie and I went to the same high school together. I had heard a lot about him and I knew of him but I never really spoke to him. It was year 10 and we were in the same English class together, our teacher happened to seat us next to each other as part of the seating plan. I think it was that first time we actually spoke to each other, and I kind of knew at the back of mind that he was the one. We became very close and he really did become my best friend. When we had decided that what we had was more than friendship we were about 16 years old. Many people told us that we wouldn’t last as we were too young, we weren’t ready and we didn’t really know what we wanted yet.

how they asked

Our anniversary is the 12th of November so every month around that time we try out a new restaurant. It’s usually sushi because I love sushi. So Elie, like he usually does, tells me we have a booking at a sushi restaurant and to get ready. So the casual person I am gets in to the most casual clothes someone could have got in to on the day they would be proposed to. We head down to the city and Elie could not concentrate and seemed a bit flustered. We arrive to the city and it had started pouring rain but Elie insisted we go see this spectacular view before we go to dinner as we still had time. Little did I know that I was going to experience the most romantic thing ever. With the help of the team at my proposal co, he had put together 7 beautiful notes (1 for every year we have been together) with reasons why he wanted to marry me and at the completion of reading the last note, with the harbour in the background, the light up marry me letters were unveiled and he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together!

7 years later… going stronger than ever, I am now able to say that I’m marrying my high school sweetheart.

Mireille's Proposal in Sydney, Australia

Mireille and Elie's Engagement in Sydney, Australia

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