Miranda and Zach

How We Met: Zach and I met in the pre-medical club in Image 1 of Miranda and Zachcollege. My girl friend and I thought he was cuteand nicknamed him “blue eyes,” and snuck some photos of him when he wasn’t looking… pretty embarrassing, I know.

Anyway, Zach and I started hanging out and studying together and soon became a couple. We were together for about 3 years, lived together, and felt as if we had grown up together.

We helped each other get through tough times and tough classes and lifted each other up when we needed a reminder of our ultimate goals of getting into veterinary and medical school. However, we still had a lot more growing up to do, and ending up breaking up for 2 years. During this time, I got into veterinary school in California and he got into medical school in DC.

After not speaking for almost a year, I called him at 3am freaking out about school and needing his advice. He talked me through my fears like he always had done. We talked every single day after that, he came out to visit me, and now we are engaged and the rest is history!

how they asked: He came to visit me in Austin and had made us a reservation at a very cute restaurant called Barley Swine. We have always enjoyed trying different restaurants so I didn’t think too much of it. After 13 amazing courses, the last dessert was two pieces of chocolate on top of a covered dish.

Image 2 of Miranda and Zach

Apparently, the waitress was awaiting his cue of him dropping his napkin on the floor, when she came to come lift the lid off the dish and revealed the gorgeous ring around a beautifully decorated cannoli. The next thing I knew, he was on his knee asking me to marry him!

Image 5 of Miranda and Zach

Image 3 of Miranda and Zach

Image 4 of Miranda and Zach

Photographer: Jon Bolden