Miranda and Ricky


How We Met

Ricky and I met at a birthday party for a mutual friend in March of 2015.  It just so happened the party was themed, so we caught each other’s eye sporting incredibly fashionable bed sheet togas.

The evening started off slow, we kept exchanging stares until eventually we ended up next to each other playing a game.  It was then the sparks started flying. We talked and had so much fun; I made corny jokes, and to my surprise, Ricky laughed very genuinely.  I even recall suggesting we battle each other in a Chopped challenge with the remaining party food in the kitchen. In hindsight, I’m not entirely sure why this guy fell in love with me. I am so embarrassing.

The rest of the evening we spent talking about everything under the sun.  It got late and Ricky headed home, but before his truck pulled out of the driveway, he sent a message to our mutual friend professing he had a crush on me.  The rest unraveled exactly the way fate had in store for us all along.

how they asked

The morning of October 15, 2016, Ricky and I set out on a road trip to Mammoth, CA for which I thought was for my birthday weekend surprise.  Just outside of our destination, Ricky pulled into the most beautiful hidden canyon. We parked and before I could even unbuckle my seatbelt, Ricky was already out of the car and barreling down the trail trudging through brush.  I eagerly followed him only to pause and gaze out at the mountains framed by the most incredible fall foliage.


He set up his tripod and camera, which I didn’t think anything of it at this point, as his camera frequently follows us on all of our outdoorsy adventures.


Ricky joined me center frame.  He looked right at me, and with a trembling voice, said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me (and a few other mushy things).  We both started crying as he got down on one knee and pulled out my gorgeous sparkling rock of a diamond.


It was an inexplicable out of body experience and apparently, I didn’t even audibly say “yes,” but instead shook my head aggressively up and down while shouting at him “put it on!!” We spent the rest of the afternoon on cloud 9 exploring the area hand in hand. I’m not sure what I did in my young 24 years to deserve Ricky, but I sure am grateful that the love of my life is also my best friend and my forever adventure partner.



Our Video

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