Miranda and Ramiro

how they asked

Ramiro proposed to me over Labor day weekend in May when we were home visiting for a family event (the same weekend we have our engagement photos scheduled!). We had just taken the red eye flight from San Diego to Chicago, and then drove directly up north to his family’s farm in Suring, WI. We were both exhausted and running on pretty much no sleep so I thought nothing was out of the ordinary.. but his brothers and their girlfriends were all dressed nicely and his mom came out of the house with some nice champagne and started making everyone mimosas. Ramiro went in the house to shower even though I was told we were just going to the lake.

When he came back outside, Ramiro’s mom told everyone we were going to take a family photo.. so I rushed in the house and changed out of my pajamas so I looked a bit more presentable HA! Ramiro stood behind me and his brothers behind their SOs for a prom style pic, and I noticed Ramiro scoot back further away from me. I remember swatting at him and saying, “Hey come closer and pretend like you like me!” He didn’t come closer, so I looked behind me and he was down on one knee! I was so shocked and surprised and completely speechless. Of course I said yes through a face full of tears, and then we posed for an actual family photo! But as we were taking the photo, I heard my sister yell, CONGRATULATIONS!! And my whole family drove from Iron Mountain to surprise me even more and celebrate our engagement. It was a perfect day and one I will never forget. (P.S. Ramiro had the ring box upside down!!

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