Miranda and Matthew

How we met: It was 2008 when my now fiancé, Matthew, transferred to my high school sophomore year. About a year after graduation on May 24th 2012 I got a Facebook message from Matthew saying he had a crush on me, how he was too shy to ask me out, and how I probably wouldn’t remember him because we only had one class together. I knew who he was and the more I read the more I thought he was the most adorable guy ever.


I learned that he joined the United States Marines straight out of high school. Something I had no knowledge about back then. He was in Missouri for Military Occupational training and Specialty training till August, and I was in California. We exchanged cell numbers and Skype usernames never missing a day of talking. People thought we were nuts waiting three months since we never talked “in-person” before but we didn’t care. He made it clear he was waiting and I remember specifically telling my mom, “I wouldn’t go out with another guy even if I was asked out right now, I’m waiting till he comes to California.”


August finally came, he ended up being stationed in Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base which is three hours away from where I lived. It could’ve been a lot further so we took what we got and went with weekend visits only. Finally our first date was here and my heart was racing. I went outside and saw him walking down the sidewalk with flowers in hand trying to rip off the price tag haha, I looked down hiding my face. When I looked up he was looking at me and all we could do was smile and laugh. It was the start of more dates to come. He’s different than any other guy I know, he makes me feel safe and treats me better than I deserve. He maybe a tough looking tattooed Marine but with me he’s sweet and golden hearted. Corny lines, jokes, and country lyrics are used on a daily basis with us. We were twenty and four dates later on August 24th 2012 we said “I love you” while star gazing late at night, thats why we chose August 24th 2014 for our upcoming “I do’s.” He was 19 and I was 20.

And thats how we met with some background on us too. Our relationship has been long distance from the start, he is only able to visit weekends since he lives on base. Also we went through a 7 month deployment before we finally got engaged.


how they asked: On November 23rd 2013 it was just like any other saturday night for us, except not haha. Matthew told me that we would be meeting his parents for diner at this restaurant over in Huntington Beach. So naturally after a long day at work I was excited to get all dolled up for a diner. Of course I was slow putting on makeup and picking out an outfit which is why I’m late to almost everything. Matthew was being more antsy than usual waiting for me. Every five minutes he would ask me if I was ready yet or if I picked out what I would wear. I could tell something was up, but I just wasn’t 100% sure on what. Finally I was ready to go, he grabbed my coat and rushed me out the door.

unnamed-4The whole way there I was questioning his more than usual road rage towards slower drivers haha. He told me he didn’t want his parents to wait at the restaurant. I was just excited to be wearing a dress other than my work clothes haha even taking a photo in the car. We finally arrived in Huntington just as the sun was beginning to set, and we were both arguing on how to get to the pier because apparently the restaurant was there. After he parked he told me that he wanted to walk down the pier to the end with me, he said he hasn’t seen the ocean since he’s gotten back from Afghanistan so he really wanted to do it now. Yes, Matthew was deployed for 7 months and it was the hardest expiernce we have gone through in our relationship. Homecoming day made all the sleepless, worrying, and crying nights all worth it in the end, because he’s worth it. Back to the proposal, so very reluctantly I went along with him to go down the pier. By reluctantly I mean that I was freezing cold and my feet were killing me and just wanted to go in the restaurant so I kept asking him if we could just go sit down (which I feel terrible about now). I had a jacket but I never put it on, I’m not sure why I just am strange that way haha.

So about half way to the pier I knew something was up and I knew something was going to happen. Because normally when I’m cold or my feet hurt Matthew tries to get me to the warmest place possible while practically caring me there, but tonight he was very determined on getting me to the end of this pier at sunset. So something was going to happen.


We finally got to the end of the pier and we saw the sunset and I realized that I’m one lucky girl to have my boyfriend back from Afghanistan watching this with him. We looked at each other and said how much we love each other, then he told me to look at the sunset again, by the time I turned around to tell him how amazing it looked he was already on one knee opening a little white box. I could hear the gasps from strangers and the look on his face, just as big as the one he head on homecoming day. I was in shock! speechless is more like it, I just stood there all bashful and clinching my coat. He was on his knee and he managed to get out the words “Miranda, will you marry me?”

At first all I could do was say “really?!” and he said “uh..yes!” and we laughed and I had this no duh moment of why the heck did I ask that! he’s proposing!!! of course he means it! Then my laughed changed to a chocked up voice and tears filing my eyes and I finally blurted out, “of course!” …. “yes!”.. “yea!!” He got up from the ground and he dropped the box! It was scary and funny at the same time we both couldn’t believe he did, but it was unharmed, he slipped the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger. It was the one I loved while ring shopping. It was sparkling like crazy and it looked so beautiful on my hand, and all I could say was “Oh my gosh its beautiful!!”

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Everyone was cheering and clapping, complete strangers where watching this all unfold and they were genuinely shocked and happy for us. I loved that moment. We hugged, we kissed and I cried a bit and went back and forth starring at him and my ring.

We were congratulated as we walked around to the other side of the tip of the pier, then he asked “do you want to see the photos now” I was like “WHAT!! you got this on camera??” And while I asked that he pointed to a man standing right in front of us waving with a camera in hand. He hired a secret photographer. I couldn’t believe it…he listened!!

I always told him I would love photos of our engagement. But I wasn’t even thinking that during the actual proposal. I smiled and gave this photographer a big hug and a huge thanks, then the photographer said, “now lets take some more!” I was like “what?” at this point I’m in a dream. I have just gotten proposed to by my best friend, cheered and congratulated by starters, and learned that it was all caught on camera and now we are taking engagement photos! Every photo that photographer took was amazing, he captured us realizing what just happened, with a few dip poses here and there.

After that, we finally went to that restaurant and met my mother, later we met up with his parents and brother and told the whole story and showed off the ring all night. The night came to an end so we decided to announced it to the world, Instagram and Facebook were flooded with “We’re Engaged!” and a “hewenttojared” and “huntersidodate” hashtag.

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I wouldn’t change a thing.