Miranda and Kevin

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How We Met

In August 2008 I was going into my Junior year of high school and enjoying the last few weeks of summer with my best friend when one night, her boyfriend at the time invited us over to his house since he was having people over. I already knew his friends because they were a close group but there apparently was one guy I had yet to meet. When we got to my friends boyfriends I sat down next to next her and was immediately informed by some strange guy that I took his seat. I apologized and we proceeded to start talking to each other, his name was Kevin. I’ve heard the guys talk about their friend Kevin but up until this point I had never met him (so I thought). We bonded over the same weird soda preference at the time (half sprite, half orange Hi-C), being avid hockey fans though for opposing teams and most importantly our mutual love for ice cream. That night I went home and realized that I was already friends with him on Facebook. I proceeded to unfriend and re-friend him so that my request would pop up on his feed and I guess my plan worked because he messaged me the next day and we started hanging out shortly thereafter.

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The more we talked the more we realized how many times our paths have crossed over the years without us really “meeting”. The best one I think by far, is when we realized that I was his cheerleader. I was captain of our JV cheer squad my freshman year of high school and he was on the JV football team since he’s a year older than I am. The cheerleaders baked cookies for the player the day before one of our big games and since I was captain I was left to bake cookies for any names that weren’t picked. I was running around all day in school looking for the players who to my luck had their jerseys with numbers on and found one I was looking for. As Kevin tells it, I asked him his name, gave him the cookies (which were in a decorated container I had made myself) and ran, since I was late to class. Ironically, after Kevin and I started dating we told this story to his mom who proceeded to go into the cabinet and pull out the container I had decorated that she had saved all these years.

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how they asked

We had thought about going away for our anniversary this year and decided on Myrtle Beach, SC. The night before our anniversary I asked Kevin if we could take a walk on the beach and take a nice picture but he suggested we wait and do it tomorrow on our actual anniversary. The next day came and he decided that we should exchange our presents on the beach before dinner and we could take our picture then. My present had been siting on the dresser the whole trip, which was heavy and a weird shape so I defiantly didn’t have in mind that i’d be getting a ring. When we got to a clear stretch of the beach he put his backpack down and proceeded to give me my anniversary card and present.

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The present as it turns out was a nice bottle of champagne in a tin case. I had told him not to get me anything big since he already got us the trip and I was honestly just excited to open it once we got back from dinner. He told me to open the box which I thought was strange and when I questioned him he just told me again to open it. When I slid the top off, I pulled back tissue paper to reveal a message engraved on the bottle which read “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” followed by this acronym we always say.

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Neither of us remember how the bottle safely made it onto the sand but what I do remember is turning around to see Kevin on his knee holding a box open with the most beautiful ring in it, all the while I was hysterically crying and dry-heaving which he later said was hysterical. On 8/27/08 he asked me to be his girlfriend and on 8/27/17 he asked me to be his wife, to which I obviously said “YES”!

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The photographer he had apparently hired came over to introduce herself and we proceeded to have an actual engagement photo shoot. We’re so lucky to have that moment captured for the rest of lives to be able to share with our friends and family.

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