Miranda and Kevin

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How We Met

In September of 2016, one of my best friends from the Miss Alabama Pageant- Bailey-was giving away her title of Miss Coastal Alabama. I was the Miss University of Mobile at the time, and we had connected at Miss Alabama earlier that year. Ironically, one of my other friends from college was competing in the Miss Coastal Pageant that day too. At the very last minute, on that Sunday, I decided to go watch both of them- one compete for the crown, and one give her crown away. I had already pretty much made up my mind that I wasn’t going to go, but I decided to literally at the last minute. I arrived at Coastal Community College and was waiting in line to buy tickets. I saw a group of people about my age come through the door. I didn’t know any of them, but one of the guys caught my eye because he was smiling at everybody and laughing.. he seemed very nice! Not to mention I thought he was way cute.

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I got in line behind them and tried not to stare at the attractive young man who seemed so nice. Once in the auditorium, I kept making excuses to look in the back of the room… the guy was sitting in the back.. haha After the pageant, I went to see Bailey The extremely attractive was standing with all her other friends! They had come to support her! Then it hit me.. SHE KNOWS THE GUY! I gave her a hug, and went on my way, not thinking too much about the cutie I had admired because I knew that I would probably never see him again. A few hours later, I got a text from Bailey. She said, “So one of my guy friends thinks you’re totes adorbs.”

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Entertaining the idea I said, “Well I’m totally available! hahaha” She said, “His name is Kevin Stringer and he loves Jesus a lot.” So, of course, I did what any girl would do next… I Facebook stalked him… Low and behold… IT WAS CUTIE FROM THE PAGEANT! Can anybody say DIVINE INTERVENTION?! From there, we became Facebook friends, but he didn’t want to send me a message first. He wanted to talk to me in person, because that’s who he is, and I love him for that. Bailey decided to play matchmaker and set up some group hangouts for us. So I made several trips to Orange Beach those few months! On December 3, 2016, Kevin asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest is history <3

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how they asked

I have known that I was going to marry Kevin for a while. I mean I didn’t want to jump the gun, but we literally are so good together. I believe with all my heart that God brought us together that day of the pageant. We were planning a trip to the mountains with my family, so I figured he would ask then. But then the trip got canceled, so I really wasn’t sure when he would do it.. and let me tell you. IT DROVE ME CRAZY.

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I don’t love surprises. I mean I like to be surprised, but I like to know a little bit of the surprise before hahaha My family came down to my apartment last weekend for Spring Break, and we went to the beach. Little did I know that Kevin, my mom, and my sister had been planning… We all went to the beach where ironically Kevin and I first talked about marriage, one year prior.

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There was a pier we all decided to walk to. Kevin pulls me in, says, “This is where we first talked about marriage…” At that point, I was like OMG ITS HAPPENING. And sure enough, he got down on one knee, and let me just say I don’t even remember him asking me anything. I just remember hitting him in the chest out of happiness! I think I said yes?? But it was so perfect and so us. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. <3

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