Miranda and Josh

How We Met

We met through mutual friends and online! We both were in long-term relationships and broke up with our significant others around the same time. After a couple months passed, I reached out to one of our mutual friends to see if he was still single. The friend told me that he was not going to reach out to him for me. However, later that night I received a text message from our mutual friend saying he was still single and that he shared my phone number with Josh. Not too long after, I received a text message from Josh and we hit it off ever since!

how they asked

For Christmas 2017, Josh bought me Walt Disney World tickets. I was beyond excited and thrilled. I planned the trip in one day and booked everything for the week of February 19th, 2018. I was so excited to take Josh to Disney for the first time and it was the first time I’ve been back since 2007. I had my suspicion about Josh proposing to me while we were there, but he never dropped any hints with the five million questions I asked to gain hints. On the first day at the parks, we went to Epcot. Nothing suspicious happened, but I was ready for anything to happen. The second day we went to the Magic Kingdom. When we got into the park, I immediately wanted to take pictures in front of the castle with him.

Once we found one of Walt Disney World photographers, we got settled in line and ready to take pictures. Once it was our turn, Josh and I walked up there with the castle to our back and facing the photographer smiling and ready for our photo. The photographer snapped one quick photo, then Josh started to reach into his pocket as he made it down on one knee. I instantly started to panic and get anxious due to a large number of people around us watching. As Josh stated how much he loved me and asked me to marry him, I quickly replied with yes. There was a large roar and applause from everyone around as the photographer took pictures of the best moment of our lives.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World