Miranda and Dylan

Miranda's Proposal in Angel's Rest Trail-Colombia River Gorge

how they asked

Dylan’s aunt is a professional photographer, and had been taking pictures of us for years to get extra practice, so it was not out of the blue when she messaged me one afternoon, asking if we would want to do a more formal/romantic shoot.

She decided that she wanted to shoot at the Colombia River Gorge, where she had never been before. So on July 29th, we drove 3 hours upstate, then hiked 1.5 hours up Angel’s Rest Trail, to find a clearly above the river just before sunset.


By then, I was tired and annoyed, and just wanted to get the shift over with and go home. About half way through, he was standing behind me and he whispered “so this isn’t the only reason I brought you up here tonight”, and I knew exactly what he was getting at. I turned around, and he was on one knee, and the rest is history!


The whole moment was absolutely beautiful, and we are blessed to have gotten it all on camera.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Angel's Rest Trail-Colombia River Gorge

Oh and the ring? He designed the entire thing himself, down to every little diamond.

Special Thanks

Brandy Jackson
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