Miranda and Doug

How We Met

My Fiancé and I met at Michael Kors when we were both working. He was a stock guy and I was a sales associate so at first we only talked in passing. After a couple months of getting to know each other at work we went as friends to a Halloween party and from there we were kind of inseparable! Anytime he saw me at work he would find any exscuse in the book to be upfront in the store with me instead of the back room hahaha after about a year we both started working in our own careers but 4 years later here we are engaged and living together!

How They Asked

We had both said we wanted to have a photographer capture the moment of us at a special place in Iceland for us to cherish forever! Our photographer Started off taking photos of us at he bottom of the waterfall we were having an amazing time laughing and in awe of this Beautiful waterfall in front of us but I was even more excited make it to the top! After literally not being able to breath after climbing this Gigantic Waterfall Douglas took my Breath Away when he Asked me to Marry him at the Top! He said “Miranda, Your the love of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” And of course my answer was YESSS! There were so many people around us clapping and cheering the moment was Perfect to say the least.

Special Thanks

Michalina Okręglicka
 | Photographer