Miranda and Dillon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Carpentersville,Illinois

Dillon & I flew to Illinois to visit my family. We love to visit during the fall to see all of the beautiful colors. (We’re from Las Vegas, we really don’t have seasons!) It was an ordinary visit until I woke up on a Thursday morning … to my mom & Dillon telling me they would he gone all day out shopping for my birthday…. which is a month away. I found that so odd.

As my mom has obviously known me my whole life so she wouldn’t need help Birthday shopping for me & Dillon and I have been dating for seven years so I’m pretty sure he didn’t need assistance either! I told them something was up with them… and went about my day! Hours go by and I had plans previously to take my little sister (she is 8) to get our nails done . So I am just waiting for her to get out of school. I get a call from my mom telling me to get ready she would like to go out for a nice dinner at a steak house near by that night . So my sister came home from school, we went and got our nails done.

Afterwards my mom was driving and she wanted to stop and take pictures by a street full of beautiful trees. My sister and I take pictures here every year almost every season. I thought to myself hmm kind of odd as she was in a hurry for us to get to dinner , but know how much my mom loves to take photos so went along with it. My sister and I get out of the car and start posing for photos, walking in the leaves under these huge trees.

As I think she got the last shot we turn around to start walking back to the car … I see Dillon yards ahead on his knee! My little sister who also had no idea screamed at the top of her lungs “ OMG it’s Dillon!!! He is gonna propose !” She runs to him and waits for me to meet him under the trees. He asks & I said “ABOUT DAMN TIME “ & the rest is history:-)

Miranda's Proposal in Carpentersville,Illinois

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Tina Allen
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