Miranda and Colt

how we met

We have actually known each other since second grade. We grew up in a small town in Georgia and had elementary school classes together. After sixth grade, Colt moved to a different school and we didn’t see each other again until we were 25. After having Thanksgiving dinner with our families in 2009, we bumped into each other while out having drinks with friends. The rest is history.

how they asked

Colt had originally planned to propose in Georgia at the beginning of April so that our family and friends could be involved. But then the pandemic hit, so he decided to do it in Columbia. We took the dogs for a walk at Capen Park and then, as we were leaving, we hiked up to the top of a rock, and that’s where he did it! It could not have been more perfect – just us and the dogs! Miranda was completely shocked and cried like a baby.

Special Thanks

Pinnacles Youth Park
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