Miranda and Cesar

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How We Met

My now fiancé and I met twelve years ago through our siblings his brother and my sister are now married with kids. So we pretty much grew up together and he would always be there when I needed him and even when I didn’t he was just there. When I was 18 we tried dating we lasted a year and I decided I needed to go explore without him, meanwhile he was always my go to friend and helped me through all my tough times and dilemmas. Fast forward 3 1/2 years and his brother had a horrible accident so we had to come together for my sisters family, he then told me if we weren’t going to be together he was gone forever. So very slowly we began to date and I fell in love with him and the person he is….

how they asked

September came and it was my birthday weekend he surprised me and took me on a hot air balloon, swimming with dolphins, and dancing with friends well on that night he told me to pack gym clothes for the next day so I did and when I woke up he said your wearing that dress today (beautiful pink dress) and I questioned him as to why and where we were going?

He said breakfast I knew that wasn’t true, but I put it on and we went to breakfast, then to the mall to get my makeup done. He then told me we were going to a fancy dinner in Laguna beach. So the whole way he was silent, when we arrived he said the reservation wasn’t till later so we’re going to walk on the beach. He seemed to know where he was going and at that point I noticed many random people on a rock watching so I questioned what was over there… He said lets go see and all of a sudden everyone was clapping and cheering and all my nieces and nephews coordinated in teal were saying will you marry Cesar Mana (my nickname) when I turned to look at him he was on one knee!

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I couldn’t believe it was happening I was sobbing and could not stop.

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He then questioned me and I of course couldn’t say yes due to all my tears so I shook my head like a dummy and very emotionally said YES!

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