Miranda and Carrie

how they asked: In typical Sex in the city style, my love and I created a one of a kind proposal that speaks to the crazy in all of us…we are different. Unique. Never really fit in with the rest. This proposal is perfect for the underdog-meets-manhattan.

In front of an abandoned asylum in New York, the two of us created a life long bond of insanity and trust…with our “besties” love lock and skeleton key ring alternatives. Only the two of us will wear these keys (which are the only ones in the world that can open this lock)…I love that the key sits close to my heart. Short of a blood-sister ritual, this little ceremony is the next best thing.

Image 1 of Miranda and Carrie Image 2 of Miranda and Carrie

We are not sure what we will do with the lock yet…lock it on a fence Paris-style, or hide it in our proverbial attic to die with us. Either way, we have locked in our crazy, one of a kind love…and I am insanely happy.

Image 3 of Miranda and Carrie Image 4 of Miranda and Carrie

Love lock by lace and twig