Miranda and Brandon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grooms parents living room

How We Met

Brandon always had a thing for me since college. He tried and tried to get me to go out with him but I wasn’t the least bit interested. I finally gave him a shot and then friend zoned him after I heard how loud he chewed his food. He still persisted and I eventually gave into his charm. He took me to my favorite Chinese restaurant and then sent flowers to my work the next day. He soon became my best friend and eventually my boyfriend.

Miranda and Brandon's Engagement in Grooms parents living room

How They Asked

Shortly after that he told me he loved me and we started making life plans together. 4 months later he was dropping hints about getting engaged and asking what kind of rings I liked. We went to the mall to look at shoes and ended up in a jewelry store so I knew it was coming soon. We had a vacation to Colorado planned for Christmas so I was banking on it happening there. I went home from work on a Friday afternoon in a frumpy sweater, duck boots, hair a mess, and barely any makeup to see Brandon sitting on the couch with a new puppy. I walked over to meet the puppy and he told me to look at the tag to see what he had named him. The tag read “Will you marry my owner?” When I looked back at Brandon he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’d seen in my life. Then he and my best friend planned a surprise engagement dinner at a restaurant in town. It was an amazing night– except for the way I looked– Someone should have told me to look pretty that day! I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

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