Miranda and Benjamin

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How We Met

Ben and I met our first weekend of college at his fraternity house. I was hanging out with some sorority sisters, and they said they wanted to go to the fraternity houses since they were all throwing parties for the new members. I thought we were gonna go to a different house, but somehow we ended up at Ben’s. We made it there, all 15 of us, and I somehow got left alone at my first ever college party. I was doing my thing, just hanging out nervously when all of a sudden this boy with the most beautiful blue eyes comes walking up and introduces himself. We started talking, and he let me tag along with him all night. We ended up exchanging numbers, and the next morning he called me asking when we could go on a date. We went on a date that Wednesday and the rest is history.

how they asked

Ben and I met the first weekend of college at his fraternities bid day party. We talked a little that night, but I was more interested in one of his fraternity brothers (we’re still friends with the other guy lol). I ended up giving my number to both of them, but Ben was the only one who texted me the next day. I agreed to hang out with him the following week and immediately fell I love with his bright blue eyes. From there we started spending any free time we had together. Flash forward 3.5 years and I was accepted to work at Disney World with the Disney College Program. Over his spring break, Ben came to visit me, and we, of course, made it a point to go to the launch bay in Hollywood Studios to see everything Star Wars.

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Ben is a huge Star Wars fan, and his name for gaming is ChewbaccaRoars. We get to meet the characters, and Ben for some reason wants to meet Chewbacca last even though the wait time was smaller than any of the others. We finally meet Kyle Ren and make it back to the wait line for Chewbacca. It’s our turn to go, and we normally used my phone to take pictures, but Ben insisted on using his. I didn’t think anything of it and went to stand next to Chewy. Ben was taking forever to come pose, and I even looked at Chewy to say “wow he’s taking forever.” He finally walked over and right after the photographer took the first picture, Ben got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so caught off guard, and so was Chewy.

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We both didn’t know what was going on. I finally said “Yes!” and put my perfect ring on. Afterward Chewy gave us a huge hug and we got some pretty epic pics.

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