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How We Met

Presley: When they say the third time is a charm, I am a firm believer because that is how Miracle and I met. Where do I begin? The first time we met was mid-summer of 2010 at a happy hour at a popular lounge in Washington, D.C. When I saw her I knew that I had to get to know her. Miracle was with one of our mutual friends named Tiyi and I asked Tiyi to introduce us. From there we exchanged phone numbers, but I never called her. What a waste, right!?

The second time Miracle and I would have met was May 2011. At the time I was working at Jos a Bank and my co-worker said that I should meet his cousin. He told me about a graduation party he was hosting for her at his house. He mentioned that her name was Miracle and she is graduating from Howard University and moving to Los Angeles. I said to myself “Why does that name sound so familiar?” I then searched for her on Twitter and there she was! I remembered her from our introduction the year before, but I honestly could not go to the party knowing that she was moving to California the following week.

Fast forward to January 2015 and this was third time. We were at a party in Washington, D.C. and I noticed this beautiful woman with a curly Mohawk who happened to be with a mutual friend named Tammie. It turns out that Miracle had moved back to D.C. from California to get her Master’s degree. I asked Tammie about Miracle and she said to me, “You can talk to her, but if you’re not serious then you might as well not waste your time”. In my mind, I was going to make a move to introduce myself before the night was over. Little did I know, Miracle noticed me as well and asked her friend “Isn’t that Preston?” Her friend corrected her, “No. His name is Presley, not Preston.” She had forgotten my name. Go figure!

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As the night progressed, we conversed with small talk and exchanged numbers AGAIN. Through our conversation, we discovered that we attended the same church. I told her that we should go to church together. Keep in mind that we were in a nightclub talking about church. (This is one reason I knew she was different from all the other women I’ve dated). She definitely thought I was trying to make myself look good and did not expect me to actually attend church the next day. I sent her a text message on Sunday morning letting her know I was running late and asking if she saved me a seat. She told me she didn’t save me a seat and was sitting with her dad. She played me, but in her defense, I was late. Even though we didn’t sit together during Sunday service, I still asked her out on a date the next day. Our first date took place in downtown D.C. at the Hamilton for sushi happy hour, followed by a game of pool. I have to say, I was a great teacher. We genuinely enjoyed spending time together and from that day forward, we continued to build upon that and I have been blessed ever since.

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how they asked

Miracle: On New Year’s Day 2017, Presley took me to a really nice Italian restaurant for dinner. As we were finishing our food, our server came to the table and handed me an envelope. Inside the envelope was a card from Presley along with a personalized postcard that read, “Miracle and Presley’s First Destination of 2017: Venice, Italy”. I absolutely thought it was fake. I kept asking, “Is this real?” and giggling like an insane person. It was definitely real. He had just surprised me with a trip to Italy at an amazing Italian restaurant. Who knew he was full of surprises like this!?

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In March 2017, we were on our first international flight together heading to Italy! I was super excited! On the second day of our trip, Presley told me he had arranged for us to visit a museum. We got dressed and caught a water taxi to Punta della Dogana. As soon as we stepped out of the boat, Presley asked me to close my eyes. At this point, I am nervous because I’m walking near boats and water but I trusted him to lead the way. He held my hand as we walked and finally we ended up standing in the middle of a huge circle on the ground next to the museum. When he told me to open my eyes I looked around and saw my mom, sister and aunt standing around me with their camera phones pointed straight at me. I looked to the other side and saw my sorority sister, Rhea who is also a photographer, capturing this moment. I immediately began to cry asking, “What are you all doing here?” I had NO clue they would meet us in Venice. I then looked at Presley standing in front of me with this big smile on his face. One of my hands covered my mouth while he held the other in his hand. He spoke the most beautiful words from his heart. Tears continued to fall down my cheeks as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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My hand still over my mouth, I squealed, “Yes!” And if that wasn’t enough, he planned for us to have a photoshoot the following day in Venice! It was beyond beautiful and amazing. I could not have asked for anything more. This was truly a fairytale proposal.

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This man has continued to inspire me. He is a cancer survivor at the age of 34 and he constantly goes out of his way to help others. He is my very own Superman and I am so excited and blessed to call him my life partner.

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