Mira and Chirag

Where to Propose in Paris

How We Met

A boy and girl whose childhood friendship evolved into a story of a lifetime. As fate would have it, we lived across the street – playing games and teasing each other. Years passed by without talking and then we did again over Facebook. This time was over school and books. Over the course of time, Chirag realized his affection towards me. By this time he had moved from Dubai to Canada for his education.

But when has a chase ever been easy. He was sure he had found his girl and determined to make all efforts to make her the one. Eventually I too had feelings for Chirag and found no reason to hold back either.

Mira and Chirag's Engagement in Paris

how they asked

Over four years of long distance, and we decided to travel and meet in the city of love. This is where my man popped the question with the most beautiful ring he could ever get me, right in front of the Eiffel to be his wife!!!

Special Thanks

Eugenia Afonina