Mindy Sue and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I met at work on June 30, 2014. He was my assigned “buddy” in charge of showing me the ropes. I remember always trying to convince others, and myself, that Grant was just a work colleague, but deep down I knew it was something more than that. I had never met such a personable, loving and fun guy who treated others in such a genuine and kind way. I was instantly in love, but tried to keep it professional ;)

We were inseparable and best friends, so I was disheartened when I found out Grant was moving away for work. A few nights before he had to leave for Washington, D.C. he professed his love and asked me to be his girlfriend. I remember him saying he didn’t want to take even the slightest chance of someone else being with me and the distance would only be temporary. We were 1,300 miles apart, but still managed to see each other as often as we could. Grant kept his promise and moved back to Texas after a year of long distance. Saying “YES” to being his girlfriend would be the second best “YES” of my life…

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how they asked

Grant gave me the Christmas gift of a lifetime – a trip to Italy! The first gift was a homemade airplane ticket from “DFW to !?!?”. The second, larger present, was a framed map of Rome, Italy from @grafomap. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I have wanted to go to Italy my whole life! Grant planned out every detail of our trip – the incredible restaurants, sights, monuments, hotels, even down to the amount of time it would take us to walk to each place. We spent three days in Positano and three days in Rome.

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On the last day in Positano, Grant planned for me to have a spa day at the hotel. After my spa day, we were planning to go get drinks and dinner at our favorite spot on the Amalfi Coast. While we were walking along the beach, Grant asked a random couple (so I thought) to take our picture with the incredible view of Positano in the background. As the woman finished taking our picture, she slipped my phone into her pocket. At that moment Grant took my hands, kneeled down on one knee and spoke the most incredible words to me. When Grant opened the ring box, the ring resembled my mom’s wedding ring I had always told him I loved. I couldn’t stop crying, but managed to say, “YES!!”. The two strangers turned out to be the photographers who captured the best moment of my life!

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Special Thanks

Mary & Maurizio
 | Photographer