Mindy and Steven

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How We Met

We both grew up in the same small town where everybody knows everyone… and it didn’t take long for me to know he was someone I’d been praying for ❤️

From the moment I met Steven, I knew he was extremely special, that he was someone whom would change my life forever. He is the most thoughtful, loving, tender, amazingly sweet, devoted man I know.

how they asked

What I thought was an going to be an amazing session of family photos turned into the most magical proposal I could’ve ever dreamed of!

That morning I was in full on Mommy mode: getting all the kids dressed in their color coordinating outfits, curling the girls hair, packing a bag of treats in case the kids needed a little persuasion to smile. We arrived at Leu Gardens and I was mesmerized at all the beautiful flowers. Family photos were off to a great start, big smiles, giggles and pictures that I knew would capture our little family perfectly. As we were finishing, our photographer (and dear friend) said she wanted one more pose of just Steven & I- as I turned around he was knelt down, honestly I thought he was tying his shoe, 30 seconds later I realize what is happening & my heart started fluttering ❤️

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The moment I looked into his sparkling green eyes, I knew this was the beginning of our always, his voice was shaky, he took my hand and asked me to make him the happiest man alive and marry him.

The planning that went into this to keep everything a surprise, is something I will forever be grateful for to him & Brandy!

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Special Thanks

Brandy Grace Photography
 | Photographer