Mindy and Shawn

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How We Met

We met in April 2017 at a bonfire at a mutual friend’s house. I had been so busy with school and I’d been seeing people here and there, but nothing was serious. We both had been stood up on dates the night that we met, and I’d had no intentions of anything that night other than enjoying a bonfire and some drinks with friends. He sat across from me at the fire, and I may have said one or two whole sentences to the guy the whole night. When I got up to leave, he said “it was nice meeting you,” to which I wanted to quickly respond, “I didn’t even talk to you, weirdo.”

After I got home, I had a quick text from my friend telling me to come back because Shawn wanted to see me again. I then got a message from him on Instagram telling me I was beautiful, yada yada. I invited him over the very next night for a fire at my parents’ house (just to be nice, considering he had said it was his birthday the week prior and he had been stood up on a date the night before. I felt bad for him.)

I had gotten several messages from our mutual friend asking if I were looking for anything serious yet, and I told her I was not interested in him because I knew he had a young daughter; but I agreed to just one date with him, thinking that he wouldn’t like me and that he would just leave me alone.

After our first date, he asked if I wanted to date exclusively, to which I responded: “this is only our first date, how do you know that you like me?” And his response was “I just have a good feeling about you.”

A week later, I met his then 3-year-old daughter, Avery (again thinking how quickly things were moving), but instantly fell in love. I knew that Shawn was dealing with a custody battle at the time (a battle that would go on for nearly 9 months), and I tried to be understanding of his wanting to have a positive female role model around.

Shawn lost his job just several months into our relationship while dealing with the custody battle for his daughter, and I knew I couldn’t kick him when he was down; so I stayed despite the short time we had been together at the time. When he started working again, he made it so I could focus on school and helped out with my bills as much as he could. I later graduated in December 2017 with a BA in Criminology. He planned a surprise “graduation” party for me and well… the rest is history.

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how they asked

At my surprise “graduation” party, my good friend who had moved to Wisconsin the year prior had come to town. I didn’t think anything of her visiting town, because her parents were still here, but Shawn seemed a little upset when she had told me she was going to be in town (it was part of the surprise). I had figured out some clues that he may be proposing around that time (although I had picked out the ring myself, the proposal was still a bit of a surprise), and he had hidden the ring in a guitar case; I have played the guitar for 13 years now (since I was ten, I’m 23 now). It was very touching and I am still filled with excitement, even as we have been engaged for eight months now and are planning a wedding in less than a year and a half.

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