Mindy and Drew

How We Met

It was love at first sight when I spotted Drew across the room. As I watched him lead children in a song with silly motions, I knew I was going to marry him. I had to marry him! I spent the next few months admiring him from afar, praying that he was single. We finally met at a youth winter camp where we were both leaders. It turns out that he only signed up to go because he knew I was going to be there and he wanted an excuse to meet me!

how they asked

Drew was making the finishing touches on his proposal plan when he found out that I was going to be a princess at a child’s birthday party later that month. This information changed everything and Drew went into full Disney-mode trying to figure out a proposal to fit the scene. On the day of the party, I brought Drew along to be my assistant, which meant he would play the princess music when I asked him. However, Drew was nowhere to be found when I needed him. I was a little annoyed that he missed his cue, but I carried on without him and finished the party. When it was time to go, I still couldn’t find him. So, I sat down to eat a hot dog with all the 5-year-olds when suddenly two of my dearest friends ran into the party and exclaimed, “Princess! The Prince has been put under a magic spell and only true loves kiss will save him!” I was whisked away from the party and sent on a scavenger hunt all around town to break the spell. At each stop, there were more friends waiting for me with a challenge to unlock a riddle to get me a step closer to the prince. In the end, I was led to my favorite park where all of our friends and family had gathered with balloons, making a path down to the water where Drew was standing.

It felt like a surprise wedding as I walked down the aisle created by all the people we hold dear. When I got to the end, I grabbed hold of Drew’s hands, ready for the question, but first I had one for him. I leaned forward and said, “I thought you were under a magic spell? You look just fine!” He laughed and assured me that I had broken the spell through my adventure. Then he asked me to marry him. And of course, I said Yes!

Special Thanks

Emma Lee Photography