Minae and Doug

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How We Met

My roommate was dating a guy with a brother that was constantly asking for my number. Her, being the good roommate she was, did not dole out my phone number very easily. At the time, I was working in a restaurant, and after my shift one night, my roommate came out with me, shortly thereafter, Doug makes his appearance. As the night progressed, we chatted away, and being a good sport, I gave the guy my number, and we went our separate ways. A couple weeks later, he asked me out to dinner to really nice little downtown restaurant. Come to find out, he lived right around the corner from my parents, and we actually went to the same high school! He was a real gentleman, and I was glad he was so persistent about meeting me, because look where we are now!

I really owe it to my roommate for setting us up, and I am thankful Doug and I have had more success than his brother and her, as they are no longer dating. But good came out of it as I am with the man of my dreams :)

how they asked

What started out as an afternoon visit to Lake Michigan to shoot some pictures of the beautiful winter lake scene, quickly turned into a day we will never forget. I love to take pictures of the water, so with camera in tow, we headed out. Last year, we visited the lake several times, and on more than one occasion asked an unsuspecting stranger to take our picture. This time it seemed no different when Doug was mentioning finding someone to take our picture right off the bat. There was a man, with a nice camera that he first suggested we ask. However, this guy looked busy shooting images of his own, so I said we would find someone else later.

After we got to the end of the pier and were heading back, we saw the same guy again, this time I caved when Doug suggested we ask him. After one click, I began walking back up to this kind soul, thanking him for taking our picture, only for him to say he was not sure it turned out, and that I should go stand back by Doug again. After another click, Doug started to step back, thinking he was satisfied, I was not expecting what came next.

He got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring, and asked to spend forever with me! The coolest thing was, I always dreamed of catching the proposal on camera, and he pulled it off! And little did I know, this stranger happened to be an old friend of Doug’s and he was in on the whole thing! It surely is a day I will always cherish, and I was so grateful that I will have it forever!

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Special Thanks

Andrew Moore
 | Photographer