Mina and Spencer

Image 1 of Mina and Spencer

How We Met

I interned at a Sheriff’s department one summer since I had interest in law enforcement. I made a few friends while interning there. Couple years later I got hired on at my home town Sheriffs department. Spencer saw my profile on Facebook after a few old co workers (the place I interned at) told him to take me on a date. Spencer sent me a friend request followed by several Facebook messages which lead to phone number exchanges. Shortly after that we started dating. Two first responders in a pod ?

how they asked

Every October Spencer and I have a costume party. We are both in public safety therefore majority of our friends are all in similar fields. Everyone and their plus one dresses up to play games and have a good time. October 20th 2017 the day of our annual Halloween party Spencer proposed to Mina ! We were dressed up as Globo gym members and Mina sported a unibrow like the “Russian” Globo gym female character and Spencer was White Goodman. That will be remembered forever! All of our friends said that proposal photo will forever be remembered with that unibrow.

Image 2 of Mina and Spencer

Image 3 of Mina and Spencer