Mina and Ryan

How We Met

Mina and Ryan met in 2014 New Year’s countdown party in Macau. At that time Ryan just moved to Macau from Vancouver to stay with his family and Mina had just started working in Macau for a project from Taiwan. After a few dates, the two hit off immediately. They had been dating for two years until Ryan got a work opportunity in Vancouver. The couple called off this relationship as they didn’t think the relationship would last, but after a month they were missing each other too much and decided to have a long-distance relationship. It was not easy with a time zone difference of 16 hours. They tried their best to communicate whenever they had a chance and kept in touch on a daily basis. Nothing could stop this love from growing. Distance couldn’t keep them apart; their love for each other only grew and drew them nearer.

How They Asked

During the last visit Ryan made to Macau, they decided to get married so that they would never be apart again.

Mina and Ryan's Engagement in Le Doux Ciel

They signed the papers. They were married. They came to Vancouver together as husband and wife. There was no proposal, no flowers, no ring, and no celebration. Ryan never had the opportunity to propose, and Mina never had the chance to experience the thrill of having her man bend down on one knee to ask her to marry him. Not long after, they came across the opportunity of modeling for a styled proposal at Le Doux Ciel in downtown Vancouver and decided to sign up. Hand in hand, both excited and joyful, Ryan led Minainto the dessert shop where the decorations were set up. Ryan handed her a beautiful bouquet of roses, and finally got to create a sweet and beautiful memory with his beloved wife. He got the ring out from his pocket, bent down on one knee, and asked Mina to be married to him forever.

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Special Thanks

Vivian Ng
 | Photographer
Vivian Lee
 | Planning
Abby Hsieh
 | Hair and Makeup
Le Doux Ciel
 | Venue & Dessert
Black & Lee
 | Groom’s Suit
Bellasuu Creates
 | Stationery & Calligraphy