Mina and Josh

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How We Met

Growing up I had the movie Aladdin on repeat at our house (I’m positive my older brothers absolutely LOVED that). There was even a time in my young life that I insisted my family called me “Jasmine” and not my actual name, which is Mina. This little bit of embarrassing info will be important later on so keep reading!

It was the end of 2016…I was working in real estate at a title insurance company. Our office was facilitating training for new Real Estate Agents. A co-worker of mine was giving the new agents a tour of our office and I was dreading the inevitable semi-awkward introductions that were about to take place. After introductions Josh stepped into my office with a grin on his face and said “Hey, you have a really nice office”. I was caught off guard by his mischievous smile and charm. I wasn’t sure if he was flirting with me or just being genuinely nice. My best friend, Kendle, happened to be the receptionist at our office and on his way out that afternoon he told her we should invite him out for drinks with us sometime. Cue the confusion…was he interested in me or was he just looking to make a few friends?

Fast forward to a few weeks later and he requested to follow me on Instagram. A few days after that, yep, you guessed it…he slid into my DM’s. Let me take a second to say, I cringed in the most romantic way when I typed that out. Jump to the weekend…Kendle and I made plans to go out for a drink and karaoke with a few friends….after some back and forth with my “inner me” I decided to invite him out.

Josh showed up that night and we instantly hit it off. I distinctly remember feeling as if we were the only people in the room because we were so wrapped up in conversation. At the end of the night, without knowing about my childhood obsession with Princess Jasmine, he sang “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin and that’s when I knew this was the beginning of something magical.

Inviting him out was the best decision I have ever made, well, with the exception of saying YES a year later!

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how they asked

I might be the biggest creep/freak on the planet but by our third date I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of forever with. On January 18, 2018 we celebrated our one year anniversary. We had talked about marriage a little bit over the last year and knew we were it for each other but hadn’t gone into much more detail than that. I had assumed a proposal would be happening at some point in our future, but had no idea if it would be near or far.

We decided to go to Zion National Park for Spring Break and I couldn’t help but wonder if he was planning to propose while we were there. On Wednesday the 14th, three days before we were supposed to leave, something work related came up and we ended up cancelling our trip. I was pretty bummed. We were scheduled to watch Josh’s four nieces and nephews overnight on Thursday the 15th so I still had something fun to look forward to.

Thursday comes around and I headed up to his brother’s house early that afternoon for our overnight stay with the kiddos. Josh had been crazy busy with work that week and he would come over as soon as he could. Around 6:45pm Josh walked chaos began. I could immediately tell that he was stressed out. While he was telling me about his day his phone was ringing off the hook and he was getting bombarded with text messages from other real estate agents. I told him that I would handle anything with his nieces and nephews so he could focus on work. He made his way around the house saying hi to all four kids. They were so excited to see Uncle Josh!

Rewind to the previous weekend, we celebrated both his nieces birthdays. We had given his oldest niece, Sofia, a puzzle and a book about photography for her birthday. Sofia had taken up photography in the last year and received a digital camera for Christmas. Side note – we gave her a puzzle because I love to do puzzles so obviously I think everyone else should, too.

Fast forward back to Thursday night. It’s now about 7:10pm and Sofia asked me if I wanted to start working on the puzzle we gave to her together before she had to get ready for bed at 8:00. I was super excited that she asked me and anxious to get started. (Once I start a puzzle I have a need to finish it and I tend to lose all track of time.) Sofia brought the puzzle out to the table and I opened the box. What was supposed to be a 500 piece puzzle looked more like a 15 piece puzzle for children five years old and younger. I was furious. I dumped the puzzle on the table and told Sofia we would take it back and get her a new one. The puzzler in me was curious as to what the puzzle was, since it was obviously not adorable puppies in a bucket, so I started to put it together. I put a couple of the pieces together when I heard Josh call out to me from upstairs, asking me to come help him with our puppy who had an accident in the house. We were able to get the puppy situation under control so Sofia and I headed back downstairs. I was ready to put it together, even it was only 15 pieces. Josh came downstairs and I told him how they gave us the wrong puzzle and we needed to take it back to the store. He agreed and sounded just as upset as I was.

I put the puzzle together completely and was trying to figure out what it said when it hit me…this was it…he was proposing!! The puzzle was actually 30 pieces and had the words “Wheel Ewe Mare “e” Me?” on it. As soon as I realized what was happening he was on one knee and said “Mina Ellice Rezaii, will you make me the happiest man on Earth?” Cue the tears!! I was sobbing. That’s when he hollered “you guys can come in”….and in walk my parents. He had arranged for them to be there without me knowing so they could watch the whole thing.

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