Mimi and Henry

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How We Met: It was serendipitous. Henry and I met in September 26, 2013. Henry’s from Seattle and he was visiting California that weekend. Coincidently and through different mutual friends, we kept running into each other all weekend. Friday it was at a bar, and we chatted for a bit. Saturday it was at a nightclub, we didn’t talk much but took a couple of shots together. Finally on Sunday, an hour before he took off to the airport, we saw each other at the beach and finally talked to each other.

I remember sitting on the beach that day, and while listening to him talk… I thought to myself…wow…if I was going to settle down one day, that’s the type of man I’d like to settle down with. He’s handsome, he’s intelligent, and have everything together. He talked about being ready to settling down but hasn’t met the right girl yet.

We talked about my love for traveling and for adventures. I told him about my upcoming trip to Asia by myself in two months. He said he wanted to come along but I didn’t think he was serious. Our mutual friends left the beach that day, and he asked me to stay a little longer. He finally asked for my phone number and walked me back to my car.

When he got back home to Seattle, he texted me right away. He even shared a smoothie recipe that would help me cure my hangover. I told him that I was an avid juicer and I didn’t need his smoothie recipe because I have my own. LOL. “Do you believe in the law of attraction?” I asked him… because I believe that it’s never a coincident of whom you’ve crossed path with…you are who/what you attract and everything happens for a reason. It turns out, Henry has always believed in the law of attraction but no one has ever asked him that before.

After that conversation, I received a gift from Henry. The gift was 3 special books and a hand written letter. He wrote, “These books changed my life, I hope it changes yours too.” And he was right. We met in September then he asked me to come to Seattle in December to attend his work Christmas Party. After picking me up from the airport, he took me to a nice sushi joint…after downing couple shots of sake and stammering…. he asked me to be his girlfriend.

It felt like we were in high school all over again. That weekend was the most romantic weekend ever. After one month of dating, we traveled to 3 different countries in 2 weeks. We fell in love in Bali and has been inseparable since. Everything else happened so fast. It’s a bittersweet moment because I want to hang on to this part of the story a little longer.

how they asked: After the trip to Asia, we did long distant for a while until Henry decided to move to Orange County. 6 months later and exactly a year from the day that we met…he surprised me with the biggest decision of my life. Henry asked me to join him at the Space Needle in Seattle for company luncheon. I didn’t suspect anything because his past Christmas party was there so I figured his company must really like the venue. When the door opened, everyone yelled surprised and totally threw me off guard! The best part was seeing my parents, grandma and best friend there!

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He flew them all out to Seattle to be part of our special day. He got on one knee and proposed. I was still shocked so I didn’t even know what he said besides the last part when he said “will you marry me” and pulled out a little blue Tacori box. I ran around the room freaking out because I was still surprised and overwhelmed with happiness! We all had a wonderful lunch with our family and friends and headed off to hang out at Pikes Market.

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He planned the most thoughtful and beautiful proposal a girl could ask for. It was unexpected and I didn’t think about getting married so soon…but how could I say no to spending the rest of my life with my best friend? He makes me laugh every day, especially when I’m having a bad day. He spent over 3 months planning the wedding and I had no idea! He even picked out my dream ring from Tacori. I’ve dreamt of Tacori since I was in middle school!

This is the fairy tale story that I’ve always dreamt of and it came true! We recently went back to Asia to take prewedding photos and we’re planning for my dream beach wedding in Dana Point California in May 2016. Who ever said fairy tale love stories don’t exist obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about! :) No matter what happen in life and how many times you’ve gotten hurt, don’t ever let fear get in the way of love.

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Photos by: Lawrence Puzon Villasin and Khoi Le