Mimi and Colin


How We Met

We met in 2009 when I reluctantly agreed to go with my friend to Indiana University to visit her boyfriend over Spring Break. I was getting over a breakup and was not really interested in some guy she was trying to set me up with.

However, when I met Colin, we immediately hit it off. We stayed up all night talking about everything under the sun. I was stunned when he didn’t try to make a move on me! That held my interest.

I returned to Nashville and we kept in touch but didn’t see each other again until we ended up going on the same cruise to the Bahamas 2 years later. On the first night, we stayed up all night long talking (again!) and waiting to see the sunrise. The whole trip, I awkwardly tried to combat my feelings for Colin by making fun of him, but I fell hard when he kissed me on the last night on the front of the ship, sailing into the Caribbean.

We dated long distance during the summer of 2011 but went our separate ways to pursue our dreams. Colin enlisted in the Air Force and I went to travel the world. We stayed in touch over the next 4 years through late night “Hey, how you been?” texts and finding other excuses to talk. He always said that I was his “one that got away.”

Finally, the stars aligned and we reunited in December 2015. Colin drove 26 hours from Las Vegas to visit me in Nashville before Christmas. I couldn’t believe he actually followed through! I was beyond excited to see him and planned a Nashville Christmas tour including the Christmas lights at Cheekwood and Opryland and a dinner cruise on the General Jackson Showboat.

We agree that we both fell in love all over again at the same moment during that dinner.


how they asked

I went to Iceland over New Year’s. I got into a sticky situation when my cousin went off-roading and got us stuck at a glacier at dusk. I was so scared! I knew I had to find service and tell Colin I loved him.

We made it back safely and I went to visit Colin in Las Vegas at the end of January 2016. He proposed to me at the most perfect spot, overlooking the lights of Las Vegas. Even though we dated for less than a month the second round, we just knew. It was always him. When you know, you know!




Special Thanks

Nicola Harger
Nicola Harger Photography