Miloni and Noah

Image 1 of Miloni and Noah

How We Met

We met on our first day of college, moving in for our first day at Johns Hopkins University. Funny enough, we did NOT fall in love at first sight. Noah is the hyper-organized, always punctual type. I am a more go-with-the-flow, enjoy the moment and get there when we’ll get there type. So, when I showed up 30min late to our first day of orientation with our dorm floor with a venti latte in her hand, Noah was…well….skeptical. Likewise, I looked at Noah, saw this jock with a buzz cut and blender bottle, and thought…. hmmm, not my type. But boy were we both wrong. We became the best of friends, and it didn’t take long to become each other’s partners in all things from there.

How They Asked

Noah whisked me off to Monterey and Carmel for a relaxing weekend adventure. As we drove off from San Francisco and started to near our destination, Noah said the theme of the day is the letter “R”. The letter “R”?! What?! I was so confused.

But each stop made that theme a bit more clear. The first stop was “Relax” at Refuge – washing the work week off of us with an outdoor spa trip. We had a chance to breathe and unwind before getting changed before our next stop.

Image 10 of Miloni and Noah

Next up was “Reminisce”. We took a drive down the 17mi drive. We had done the same drive together 4 years ago when we were living on different coasts. We rented a car for that weekend trip. For this trip, we drove the same car along the 17mi drive, but this time we owned it! Full circle.

Image 5 of Miloni and Noah

Image 11 of Miloni and Noah

Then came “Recreate” – we recreated this amazing moment we had on our last drive along the coast, stopping at the same beach and sitting on the same driftwood log to retake the same photo we had 4 years ago.

We “Refueled” with an amazing lunch at The Bench, overlooking the beautiful Pebble Beach. What a beautiful view!

Image 6 of Miloni and Noah

I was shocked when we got to “Resort” and my jaw dropped seeing that we’d be staying at the Sanctuary Beach Resort. We checked in and it was high time for some “Rest” at the hotel.

We both got changed for dinner and walked out of our hotel room for a stroll down the beach. At the end of our walk, I found this amazing picnic setup. I looked at Noah and said “look how beautiful!?” and we went back to casual conversation. Only when we were standing right in front of it and Noah started reciting things that sounded like vows did I realize what was happening!

Image 2 of Miloni and Noah

So, of course, the last “R” was ring :)

But the real cherry on top was the ice cream — I LOVE ice cream. After Noah proposed, he had ice-cream ready to complete the celebration.

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