Milly and Ralph

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How We Met

We met on a blind date. It went terribly. I dodged him for a couple of weeks and then we didn’t speak for a few months. One day he posted a picture on his Snapchat of a pizza place. On our first date we had talked about how we both had worked at pizza places in high school. It was our common ground. I commented on his post and we began talking from there. I had had a car accident and was having issues with the body shop where my car was. He offered to help me since he was an attorney. We spoke on a daily basis even after my car was fixed. I was in the process of moving to NYC for work. The week I moved is the week we had our first kiss. We decided to try the long distance thing and we did. We did it for 6 months and after that I moved back to Miami to be with my boyfriend.

how they asked

He set up a birthday celebration for me with our friends at the beach at my favorite time, which is sunrise. When I was single I would go to the beach at sunrise all the time. It was my happy place and my get away. When he and I were friends he used to joke that I was a mermaid because of my love of the ocean. So, on November 4th, two my closest friends and three of his were set up at the beach in my favorite spot. We all met up and I was so excited to share the sunrise with them since none of them had been to the beach at that time before. At around 8am, my boyfriend tells me he is going to show me something. We get up and walk closer to the water and there he tells me to look up and I see a plane with a sign that reads “Milly, will you marry me? Love, Ralph”.

I said yes of course and we hugged for a while. Our friends came up to us afterwards with two bottles of champagne for us to open.

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The early morning tractor drivers aren’t a fan of champagne I guess. One of them drove right through our toast. It was hilarious.

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