Milly and Nate

Milly and Nate's Engagement in Rockefeller Center
He got her cousins and sisters to practically dragged her into the city with the excuse of going to see “the tree” on a ladies night out.

While he gathered with a few friends and random people (that were so willing to help!) in the city to form a circle of love while holding candles (this is one of the reasons why people love NY)

As she approached the circle she read the sign that said “will you marry me” and said “opps i just walked into someones proposal”. Little did she know it was hers, she soon saw her boyfriend standing at the end waiting for her with a ring in his hands.

After that it was tears of happiness and excitement.

Milly's Proposal in Rockefeller Center

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rockefeller Center

Special Thanks

Abby Cuevas
 | Photographer