Millie and Jack

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How We Met

Our ‘how you met story isn’t overly exciting’, Jack and I met playing touch football. Then became friends and our relationship flourished from there. Since we officially started dating in March 2012, things processed very quickly. I moved into Jacks’ place April 2012. We bonded over a love for skiing, weekend adventures, dress-up parties, fitness and trying new restaurants.

how they asked

Jack and I were on a group skiing holiday in France with 70 of our friends. During the holiday, using the disguise of a big “wear your most colourful ski attire group photo, on the top of a mountain in Chamonix, Jack proposed. All of our friends had been told an earlier “photo time” and we’re already assembled with signs saying ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME MILLIE” by the time I reached the top. Once I got to the up there, I could see everyone was already in place for the group photo so I quickly ran to jump into the shot.

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Then the giant sign appeared and I was in utter shock as I read what it said. It took me a while to realise what was happening. Then I looked up the mountain and Jack was sliding towards me.

Image 3 of Millie and Jack

He had just had a knee operation and was wearing leather soled RM Williams boots (not the best combo for a snowy mountain). Surrounded by a few bus-loads of tourists sporting around 1,000 cameras, Jack then dropped a knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 4 of Millie and Jack

I have an obsession with one-piece ski suits and have collected them from second-hand shops all around the world, from Europe to the US to Australia. The crazier, tighter and more colourful the better. The entire group we’re kitted out in vintage, one-piece ski suits for the ‘photo’ and I was wearing my favourite and tightest suit, which is from Japan. This made the proposal even better. It was definitely the most amazing moment of my life and we are so grateful that one of our friends, Kade Greenland, secretly filmed the entire proposal so we can share the moment with others for years to come. Jack didn’t even know he was going to film it, so it was a very special treat.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Kade Greenland
 | Filmed the proposal
Smile Ski Suits
 | Kitted everyone in vibrant, one-piece ski suits for the photo