Military Marriage Proposal: Matt and Gina

Military Marriage ProposalHow we met: Matthew and I are United States Marines and we lived across from one another in the barracks. I was interested in him from the beginning but was afraid to pursue anything during a hectic time in my life.

He actually gave me a hug one day when I was having a bad day which was totally out of the blue and I was sold.

We started talking and getting to know one another as his time in NorCal was ending soon. I had never believed I could fall for someone like I fell for him but he is more than what I was looking for and I knew if we didn’t continue talking and dating, I could lose him forever.

When he proposed the idea of dating long distance, I agreed and here we are.



how they asked: Matthew and I knew we wanted to get married but we didn’t know when because being in the military poses a small problem with couples. Getting split up between duty stations is so easy!

Military Marriage ProposalWe decided to let time take its toll and in the meantime, I suggested we do some couples photos over our Christmas break.

Matthew INSISTED on taking the reins on the planning of this idea so I let him.

Everything was pretty smooth and he kept me in the loop on everything. Except one thing.

It was a little sketchy the day Matthew arrived to Ohio and asked to speak with my parents privately. I thought maybe there was a joint present in store.

The next morning we were on our way to the shoot. After we got there and became acquainted with Dr. Z, we made our way to the actual photo shoot destination.

After a few photos, Matthew told me to hold on a second, that he needed to speak with her. I stayed back and watched her give him something and he turned around with a ring box.

I nearly lost it. I actually think I did. Matthew proposed right there with the photographer and God watching. It was beautiful and of course, I said “YES!”

I later found out he asked my parents’ permission to marry me which was the most romantic part of it all.

He is more than anything I’ve ever dreamed of and it all started right there on that cold December day.

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Photos by Dr. Z Photography