Milena and Tyler

Image 1 of Milena and Tyler

How We Met

I moved from New Jersey to Arizona in July, 2010. I was just starting high school not knowing anyone.. eek. Well, that changed quickly. I met my soon to be husband the first day of high school in seventh period English class. I was a new student and I was of course late to class so I grabbed the last open seat. The teacher had us introduce ourselves and I turned to my right and there was Tyler Sanchez. I remember it like it was yesterday. We had our first kiss in front of a Target billboard.. so romantic! P.S. the sign is still there six years later! We connected instantly, we started dating September 1, 2010 and have been doing life together ever since!

how they asked

Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving.. Tyler had called me asking if I would like to go to Mexico for a few days for a little getaway with his family! Who could turn that down?! We typically go once or twice every year so there were no suspeciouns! We had arrived to Rocky Point on Friday and planned on staying until Monday. Sunday night comes and Tyler had mentioned he wanted to have photos taken of us down by the beach before we left to go home. He said I should set an alarm for 9:30 am to get ready in the morning. So in the morning, we got ready and headed down to the beach. Tyler’s little sister, Sophie was taking the photos for us.. thank you Soph! Tyler and I took a few photos and we walked further down past the resorts so we had more privacy and he said, “Let’s stop here” We began walking towards the water and I turned to him and he was crying. It was so surreal.. He said I love you and then I gave him a hug. While we were hugging, he pulled out my beautiful ring from his back pocket and got down on one knee and asked, Milena will you marry me?

I, of course said YES!


Image 2 of Milena and Tyler

It was the happiest moment that I will treasure forever. My high school sweetheart – I can’t wait to start this lifelong adventure together, fiancé.