Milena and Mike

Image 1 of Milena and Mike

Mike and I met Junior year in High School when I moved to Millburn. We shared one class together and at first it was an innocent friendship. Senior year, we had another class together – that’s when our friendship grew into something stronger! It’s funny, when you’re not looking for something or someone.. that’s exactly when it happens. BAM just like that! We went to senior prom together and I’ll never forget that night. We all stayed down the shore at a friend’s house after prom and stayed up all night. A bunch of us actually went to go check out the sunrise aaaand Mike brought me coffee that morning during the sunrise (that’s when I knew he was a keeper ?). It was perfect. Eight years later we still share that love for sunrises. Whenever he would get up early in the morning for work (I actually get up with him, JUST TO SEE THE SUNRISE at the Marina where he works). 5 am, coffee and just us – enjoying every minute of it.

The Proposal!

I was out shopping with Mikes mom for some house stuff (we actually closed on our house a few weeks later!) Mike texted me and just simply asked, “Sunrise tomorrow?” I didn’t really think much of it since I was so focused on our house at the time. It was just another day, another sunrise for us. Sunday morning we woke up, I grabbed a baseball cap and jumped in his truck and stuck to the routine.. 1. Coffee and 2. Sunrise. We get to the marina and I went inside the office for a little while Mike opened up. Around 6 am, he came into the office, “let’s go we’re gonna miss it”. I started walking down the dock where we usually go but he insisted we go to the rooftop above his office. I pulled out my phone and started recording the gorgeous colors in the sky. He was right behind me when he suddenly said “let’s make this formal”. I turned around and saw him on his one knee! Ah! It was unexpected and just couldn’t have imagined the proposal elsewhere!

Image 2 of Milena and Mike