Milanee and Amine

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How We Met

Amine and I have been dating for 6 years. We met at our alma mater, West Chester University and began dating a few years after I graduated. Our first date consisted of us roaming around Philadelphia hopping from restaurant to restaurant and bar to bar trying new foods and drinks. Both foodies working in the restaurant industry. Fast forward a few years and our love grew. From taking trips to California, to New Orleans (where Amine is from) to our favorite place, New York City. We live together in Philadelphia now. I work in weddings and Amine works in wealth management.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Philadelphia

Milanee and Amine's Engagement in Philadelphia

how they asked

Amine knew the general idea of what he wanted to plan for his proposal for months before he actually did it. With the help of my coworkers, he not only designed the perfect ring (he saw I followed Forever Diamonds on Instagram), but he was able to pull off an amazing surprise. He first called and then made an appointment to visit Forever Diamonds. In June he took a day from work to go to New York for a consultation. One month later the ring was delivered to our friend’s house and Amine was ready to get down on one knee.

On August 3rd we celebrated 6 years together and little did I know it would be the best day of my life thus far. The day started with massages, then manis and pedis to finally dinner at not one but two of our favorite restaurants. When we got home we decided to go up to the rooftop to enjoy some wine with our friend Nick and as we got to the 24th-floor Amine covered my eyes. My heart began to race because I didn’t know what to expect. We walked outside and he uncovered my eyes for me to see all of our closest family and friends (about 45 people) gathered around the city skyline. There were flowers, candles, and huge gold “1218” balloons which are our lucky numbers. I immediately started to cry and Amine welcomed everyone by letting them know they’ve all played a huge part in our relationship. He got down on one knee with the ring in a custom oyster shell holder and asked me to be his “truffle shaving, prosciutto eating, snack eating partner in life” Super cheesy but perfectly us. Of course, I cried more and said yes ?.

The evening turned into a huge celebration. Amine ordered catered food from Dibrunos and a full bar for everyone to enjoy. He even had our friend who DJs bring a speaker for entertainment, he thought of it all! Truly the best day of my life. My ring is exactly what I wanted it to be and I never even had to tell him about it. From the rose gold to the hidden halo and the oval diamond, I am obsessed!!