Mikyla and Kyston

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How We Met

During my senior year of college, Kyston and I met through our university’s student government group. At the beginning of the school year, Kyston pulled me aside after a group meeting and asked me out on a date. Unfortunately, he asked for a weekend where I would be out of town. I declined the date but told him I would love to reschedule when I got back. Kyston thought it was an excuse and a ploy to get me out of it – so, he never asked me out again! Finally, over a year later, a mutual friend asked Kyston to describe his dream girl. After giving his description, our mutual friend told Kyston he just described me to a ‘t’. They (having no idea Kyston had asked me out before) persuaded Kyston to ask me out again. He did, and after a year of falling in love he finally asked me to be his wife – and this time he didn’t have to ask me twice!!!

how they asked

Kyston proposed on Tuesday, December 20th! A week prior Kyston told me he was going to be driving home on Tuesday to be with his family for the holidays. I was bummed he was leaving because I had to stay in town for work. Every day leading up to Tuesday I thought he was going to propose, but he never did. Tuesday morning finally rolled around and Kyston left to drive back home – or at least that’s what he made it seem like he was doing! All day he sent snap chats of him in the car making it appear he was driving home. When I called him to see how the drive was, he kept the conversation short saying “gotta go, traffic is getting crazy!” By 8 PM that night I was CONVINCED he was home with his family. That same night I planned a big dinner to celebrate my best friend’s birthday.

After dinner, my best friend asked me if we could take a birthday photo of her at this lookout point that overlooks the entire valley. Once we reach the lookout point she guides me to the area where Kyston was waiting to propose. As we get closer I see a few candles and a body hiding behind this giant boulder. My first thought was that someone was there holding some type of special event and it would be rude to interrupt. Once Kyston sees we are near he stands up from behind the rock to surprise me. We made eye contact for a brief moment but in my mind, it didn’t register it was him. I was so convinced he wasn’t in town that I actually hurried and turned around to start to walking away apologizing for interrupting! Then I head Kyston say my name and immediately the sound of his voice clicks.

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I turn back around only to find him reaching for my hand as he gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife!

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My answer: “YES, a million times over!” I was completely SHOCKED!!!

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