Mickie and Mike

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How We Met

Getting used to the southern charm of Raleigh, NC after growing up in a big city like Miami, marked a huge turning point in my life and how I had experienced it so far. After a fun while on my own with a great job, I found that meeting people in your 30’s was definitely a challenge. I turned to online dating with not much luck at all. About a year later, I had really fallen in love with North Carolina but was still single and getting lonely. After some peer pressure from my co-workers (turned best friends) I decided to give the online dating thing another shot. When I reactivated my profile, the site suggested 7 possible suitors for me. I, being very weary of trying online dating again asked my friend to sit with me as I took a look around, without even hesitating she selected the one she thought looked like a catch. And boy, am I happy she did!

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Moments later I received a message from this handsome guy that said: “I am not much for online dating, how about I give you my number and if we have a spark I can take you out on a real date, like in the old days..” That made me laugh, he was witty and sweet and I was interested! We texted and we talked non-stop for days. We finally met in person at a local Italian restaurant while I was out with friends. Whenever I looked up, I noticed him staring at me, his eyes never left my face. I could not look away either and I don’t think I have ever blushed as much as I did on that night. He was handsome, charming, a true southern gentleman and everything I was looking for. A week later we had our first official date, he showed up at my door with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, he was good!

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During the date he told me how happy he was that I finally replied to him on the dating site. I was a bit stunned, he confessed that he had sent me a few messages prior to us connecting and that I had never responded. I had no idea! We laughed about it and I told him how my girlfriend had actually picked him for me, he laughed and said “Well, I will need to thank her!” Our first date was enchanting. We laughed so much, talked a lot and had our first kiss right outside of the restaurant. I fell in love with him that very night.

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how they asked

Mike took his time to ask the big question. Four years into our relationship, I hoped with every milestone or celebration we hit, that this would be the day. Yet Mike, not one to rush into anything, was patient and thorough with his courtship. Our relationship was sweet and full of class, much like the man himself.

With Mike’s company being based in Baltimore MD, and my job being in Raleigh, NC, we were no strangers to long distances. While it wasn’t uncommon for us to spend a week apart, Mike recently relocated his company to Chicago, IL and after three very lonely and long weeks he surprised me with a ticket to come visit him! I had never been to Chicago so I was really excited, especially when he said to bring a pretty dress because we had big plans! I hoped with all my heart this was it!

Saturday morning, after breakfast Mike surprised me with a hair, nail, and make up appointment at a local salon, followed by dinner reservations at Sixteen Chicago. I was anxious, nervous, excited and thrilled all at the same time. All through our dinner, I kept thinking this was it, when sadly it was not. After dinner (all eight courses of it) I was feeling a little bummed, when Mike said “our ride had arrived.” When I stepped out of the restaurant there was a gorgeous horse drawn carriage waiting for us, accompanied with champagne and roses I felt like I was in a romantic movie!

The carriage took us on a romantic tour through all of downtown Chicago. After about a 30 minute ride, the carriage stopped right in front of the Buckingham Fountain! The night was so lovely and there was this beautiful fountain with music playing off in the distance. Everyone there that night stopped to see the horse and carriage and to see what was going on. Since I had on high heels, I was having a hard time getting off of the carriage. Mike, being the gentleman that he is, asked if he could take my shoe to help me off.

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When I got down, he got on one knee placed the shoe back on my foot and then looked up at me and said, “While I’m down here, Will you marry me?”

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I screamed, “YES!” I was so surprised and so happy!

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Everyone around us clapped and even the driver of the carriage cried. I asked him if he would ask one of the people around us take a picture and he said “Well, I could ask one of them or we could ask our photographer who is right over there…” Low and behold there was a woman with a camera catching all of these amazing memories. I was elated! We ended the night with a beautiful photo shoot by the fountain.

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Four years later and he always seems to find ways to surprise me, I can’t wait to spend forever with my southern gentleman!

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Special Thanks

Karina Mora-Metts
 | Photography