Meghan and Mike

How We Met: Mike and I grew up in the same town just 5 blocks away from one another. Our parents knew each other from taking us to the same parks and church events as young children; we even have home-videos of us making our sacraments sitting right next to each-other. Although we had many connections, Mike went to a different school district than I so we never formally met.

At 24 and 25 years old, we met on Friday November 30th, 2012 at the local bar that we both spent countless nights with our separate groups of friends. We must have passed each other hundreds of times but never spoke. On this particular night, Mike decided to come over to me, after some liquid courage, to introduce himself and buy me a drink.

He proceeded to talk excessively about running, which I later found out was because he had seen me running on the roads in our neighborhood early that week and wanted to strike a common interest. At the end of the night, Mike and I exchanged numbers and I left expecting to never speak to him again. I surprisingly found several sweet text messages making sure I made it home safely and asking to see me again; we spoke every single day from that night on.

how they asked: On January 3rd 2013, after weeks of talking and meeting out in big groups, Mike finally asked me on an official date. He came over, met my family and took me to a beautiful waterfront restaurant. On that same day 2 years later, Mike planned the most romantic day-long proposal that I was clueless to until 11 p.m that night. Mike left for work and unbeknownst to me, was actually just picking up my stunning engagement ring.

When he got home, he casually brought me to the bar where we first met and sat us in the same exact bar-stools to have lunch; even the seating did not seem odd to me because we eat and have drinks at this bar quite often. Afterward, he took me to get my nails done at my favorite salon; although, a proposal crossed my mind for a split second, Mike is always spoiling and pampering me so I did not get my hopes up. He then told me he needed to stop at the mall to return something.

I HATE shopping; however, I found out later he took me there because he used to drag me to the mall to spend time with me before he had the courage to ask me on our first date. We then had a 8:30 dinner reservation at the restaurant of our first. This was WAY past my dinner time but it turned out that our first date reservation was at 8:30 so he, of course, had to make it the same. It went through my mind that if an engagement were going to happen, it would be here.

When we got into the restaurant, we had an uneventful dinner and the thought quickly escaped my mind, except that Mike was not eating much and did not want dessert which NEVER happens (we’re huge foodies). I wondered why but didn’t think much of it until the waitress brought over complimentary cookies with a note stating “Happy Anniversary.”

I was confused and Mike explained that he requested to sit in the same booth that we sat in on our first date but they couldn’t guarantee it so he told them it was our anniversary to see if they would budge. As we headed home, Mike turned on a playlist of our favorite love songs and held my hand tightly. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran, my favorite song at the time, played as we pulled up to our house.

The lights were off and there was nothing special in sight but boy, was I mistaken. After we walked in, Mike turned on the light and strategically stood in front of his laptop. With my shoes already off and our winter coats still on, he got down on one knee and the man who exceeds my dreams asked me for forever.

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I dropped onto his knee and wrapped around his neck tighter than I thought possible. Through my 3 straight minutes of sobbing, I answered with a hysterical “yes, of course” and was vaguely able to make out a sight of my absolutely beautiful ring.

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I heard the shutter of a camera and realized both of our families were around the corner waiting with snap-shots, champagne, gifts and lots of love to celebrate with us.

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Mike explained that the entire day was a re-enactment of all of our first events and that he videoed the proposal on his laptop that my family set-up while we were gone. 4 weeks later, my fiance took me to Playa Mujeres, Mexico for a romantic engagement moon. January 3rd was a fairytale and the beginning of the rest of our amazing life together.

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