Mike and Kayla

How We Met: I’m sure you are all familiar with that catchy song that’s on every radio station, “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” by Rihanna and let me just tell you, that is exactly how Mike and I met. I went to a local bar my friends and I had been going to for months; we went for the cheap drinks, NOT to find love, because to be quite honest this hopeless place was truly hopeless for finding love. That is until one day Mike showed up to this hopeless bar. I talked to him for two minutes where he was trying to help some friends out – he was trying to see if I may have interest in any of them. I very directly told him I didn’t have any interest, and that was the end of our conversation. The next day came along and I didn’t think anything of it, until of course the famous social network Facebook came into play. Mike messaged my cousin about me, whom then messaged me, and I thought, “who?” and had no idea. So then I stalked him, realized he was a total hottie, friended him, and that’s when it ALL began. From then on we were inseparable. He was nice, funny, thoughtful, extremely good looking, considerate, easy to talk to and everything else you can think of,  oh and did I mention good looking! Then we became Facebook official! And as time went on, I knew he was the one.

how they asked: During our relationship, Mike’s sister and her husband had a baby, SO CUTE! When his sister went back to work Mike began to babysit his nephew for her on Wednesdays. I always would rush over after work to help, so I could see the cutie (oh and Mike too). Then one day…I rushed over, went inside, and headed straight to the baby – I didn’t even say hello to Mike. I leaned over the pack and play, making the baby laugh and what not, when Mike goes, “do you seriously not see that?”

I give him a confused look, he points down and I’m leaning over a note in the pack and play that says “Will you marry my Uncle Mikey?” I was shocked and I didn’t believe it, it was the cutest thing ever and the baby smiled the whole entire time. How could I not say yes! His nephew helped give me the engagement ring and he will also help to walk it down the aisle!