Mike and Courtney

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How we met

It was after the full night of rodeo and dancing. I had agreed to be designated driver for my sister and bestie. We were at the end of the night and I wanted to go home but I couldn’t find them. I was at the bar closing out all of the tabs when I saw him. He didn’t look like he belonged in the Wild West Dance Hall. After we exchanged a couple of words he asked for my number and I declined to hand it over. I told him I appreciated the gesture but I was looking for my two girls and heading out. We both laughed at my inability to wrangle both the girls to leave. He offered his help and watching him pull my sister off the dance floor was the funniest thing I’d seen all day. He walked us all to my car to “ensure we made it”. I couldn’t thank him enough that night but I still refused to give him my number. So being the smart man that he his, he gave me his number and offered to help me if anything happened on our way home. Oh what a sneaky man he is, I sent him a text thanking him again for help. Even though I had denied him all night, in those few seconds I had just given him what he was asking for.

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how they asked

For months we had talked about going on a big camping trip but never did anything. When December came around we finally made a decision, neither one of us wanted to be in the city any longer and since it was a holiday we both had extended vacation. So off to Big Bend National park we went. The drive was beautiful but long and tedious. We both agreed to go to Big Bend because neither one of us has been to it before. Mike asked me to look up things to do in the park, so I spent a couple of days doing research. I made a very long list of things to do but little did I know he had his own list of things to do. As we got closer to the park he offered to drive so I could take pictures of the scenery. After getting to the camp site, we made a mad dash to get to the The Window Trail to catch the sunset. It’s been said that The Window has the best sunset in all of Big Bend. I couldn’t agree more, the view was breathtaking. Sadly we couldn’t stay, we had a schedule to keep and Mike was keeping me to it. The next morning I was struggling to move, my sleeping bag was much warmer than the air around me. But the scent of coffee and breakfast pulled me away. We pack the car up and head out to the next adventure. He drove us out of Chisos Basin and on to our next destination, Santa Elena Canyon. I’m snapping away with my camera never noticing how concentrated Mike was about keeping to our schedule. Funny enough as we get closer, I stopped in the middle of our conversation and asked him to marry me. Guess what he said.. No. Now I know why!

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We hopped out of the car as soon as he put it in park, threw our gear on and hit the trail. As we got closer to the canyon Mike kept looking around, I paid no mind to it. I was busy taking pictures. He decided that we needed to get in the middle of the river to get the best shot. We start making our way through the water when I see someone to my left. In my mind it was another traveler trying to get the best shot of the canyon and here we are traipsing through the river getting in the middle of their shot.Not once did I think she was there to take pictures of us. All I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible but Mike wouldn’t let me. He grabbed my by the waist and starting talking about how beautiful the Santa Elena was, how amazing our journey has been up to this point. I thought he was just being sentimental because the view was fantastic. I told him I loved him and that he was the best thing to fall into my life.

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We kissed and right when I thought we were going to leave, Mike grabbed my hand and went down on one knee. Tears started to pour down my face, I honestly couldn’t tell you what he said or how I responded. But what I can tell you is that moment felt like it lasted forever.

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