Brittany and Mike

How We Met

Mike and I met in March of 2013. I should really be having our mutual friend, Katie write this portion because she loves telling the story and taking the credit (which is well deserved).

Mike and Katie were both working for an IT company at the time. Katie had been bugging Mike about going on a date with me for a while. She kept saying “but she’s really nice and cute!” and he would respond with “I’ve heard that before.” She finally threw the “she played volleyball for the Griz” card at Mike and he immediately said “I’m in.”

It took Katie a few minutes on the phone to convince me to go on a blind date. Same conversation happened. Katie kept badgering me with how tall and cute and funny Mike was, and I continued to say “NO I will not go on a BLIND DATE!” I finally gave in and figured it wasn’t the end of the world if I didn’t like the guy. I agreed to let Katie give Mike my number and we met for coffee at the Break Espresso, a coffee shop in downtown Missoula on a Sunday night. We talked for hours and one could say that my first and only blind date ever, was a true success!

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Image 2 of Brittany and Mike

how they asked

This summer Mike and I decided that we were going to get a hike in before work each week. We both have crazy work and travel schedules so the evenings can be difficult to have a date night. It also gets our energetic border collie Bridger some more exercise. For the past few weeks Mike had been saying we should get one last hike in this fall before the winter weather starts rolling in. I told him that Thursday or Friday were good days for me, so he decided on Thursday.

When I woke up at 6:30 am on Thursday morning I was exhausted and a little grumpy. I hadn’t slept well because Bridger was pacing all night before we finally kicked him outside. Mike popped up out of bed and started packing his backpack with our jackets, water bottle, etc. We packed Bridger up in the car and were off to grab breakfast burritos and a coffee from our usual shop downtown on our way to our favorite Waterworks trail head. It is one of my favorites because it isn’t very difficult and I am not a fan of strenuous hikes early in the morning!

On our way to the trail head the weather was not looking promising. It was cloudy and I swore it was going to rain! Mike said “It looks like it’s pretty sunny that way!” and pointed towards the direction we were headed. When we got to the trail head there was no one else there due to the weather which was about to work out perfectly- little did I know. We bundled up, started on our hike and talked the whole way up the hill. I brought up our friends and the year we had ahead, the probable weddings and how crazy time was flying and how old we were getting. Mike immediately changed the subject and said “Is that a bear over there in the distance?” Still laughing at that one.

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We made it to the top and Mike asked if we should take a picture. Again, I was oblivious to what was going on because I almost always want to take one at the top of our hikes. There was a wooden post that was the perfect height to put my phone on, so I set up the timer and we took one. Mike then mentioned that we should take one more..

This is the point where my words cannot give the moment justice. When I walked over to to put my arm around Mike for our second picture, he immediately smiled and dropped to one knee. I remember him muttering some words that went along the lines of “Brittany Quick I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” But I wish I could remember MORE. Mike claims the first word that came out of my mouth when he got down on my knee was “WHAT?” I was still a little sleepy and so caught off guard that I had a hard time processing what was even happening. In fact, I clearly remember that after I finally muttered YES, I said “Is this really happening?!”

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I cannot believe it has already been almost 3 months since that beautiful moment happened. I am still looking back and trying to process it, but can only remember glimpses as it was such a blur of shock and overwhelming bliss. An instant filled with so much joy, that it is simply indescribable. A remarkable time shared between two people that can never be replaced.

Mike topped off the engagement by opening his back pack and pulling out a bottle of champagne and two glasses that he had carried to the top. We soaked in the moment overlooking our Missoula home and I quite literally felt like I was on top of the world. Every girl dreams about her perfect proposal. What she doesn’t realize is that it’s not the elaborate plan that takes your breath away, but the act itself.

Mike mentioned to me that when planning out the proposal, he had thought about taking me back to The Break Espresso where we first met on a blind date, but decided he wanted to create a new memory somewhere else. He wanted some place unique that we can always go to and remember that perfect moment in time, he wanted something simple that resembled us and what we like to do together. And to me, that was the most flawless way he could have possibly done it. One of the million reasons that I am so in love with Mike is because of his simplicity. There are no bells and whistles, nothing extravagant and over the top, nothing but sweet, simple and pure love. He loves me for me- and makes me a better me. My favorite moments with him are spent back packing in the wilderness, playing cribbage at home, or mocking him as he listens to NPR on our many road trips together.

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