Mike and Audrey


After an exhaustive search on both eharmony and match.com and numerous terrible dates, I felt like it was back to the drawing board. On the second to last day before my eharmony subscription expired, I woke up with an email from eharmony stating I had one new match. I figured I would give eharmony one last try and clicked on the email link. It led to a profile of someone with pictures I could barely make out, but the profile seemed interesting. She was active, likes to try new things and loves animals. Hhmmm I thought, this could be interesting. So I sent her a quick email without knowing too much about what she looked like. I day went by and no response. I thought she probably wasn’t interested and then, on the last day of my eharmony subscription she writes back, apologizing that she didn’t write back sooner and she was just getting back from vacation. Her email was intriguing and she sent additional pictures that clearly showed her beauty. I then renewed my eharmony subscription just to continue talking with her. I decided to keep a level head and we met and a restaurant for some drinks and appetizers. We spent 3 hours talking without barely looking away from each other once. Luckily I only had to wait 12 hours for our next date and another 12 after that for our third. Ever since then we have been inseparable. We have been together almost 2 years now and the engagement ring was a long time coming.

After our first date, I was driving home at 11pm and got a completely unrelated idea for a new business now called Strength Stack 52-bodyweight fitness cards. I have built that business up to almost be a full time job. As an ironic twist, I used the profits from that business which I thought up on the day of our first date, to buy the engagement ring. We are planning to get married October 2015 in Lake Tahoe, California.