Mike and Angela

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How We Met

We met online through OK Cupid. Attached is our first kiss!!!

How They Asked

I took the day off work but pretended to go to work, painted these 21 signs at my mom’s house, and stopped traffic while hammering all of these signs on Beverly Glen Blvd. toward and onto Mulholland Drive (L.A. CA.) in the rush hour morning commute. Let’s just say that before people realized what I was doing, they were yelling and honking at me to get the hell off the road. After I put the first few signs in the ground, these cars started getting curious and instead of honking and yelling, they were stopping and asking. Anyhoo, to make a long story a bit shorter, after I was done and wiped all of the sweat off, I called my honey and told her that my car broke down and asked her to pick me up so that she could drive me to work. After her telling me to take a Lyft or Uber and explaining that my apps were not working, she agreed and told me that she was finishing breakfast with my friend and they will leave soon. I planned that breakfast so that my friend could film her while she drove to get me, I am very resourceful.

Our Video